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Personalized Group Training

Take your fitness to the next level with Group Training! Perfect for any fitness level because they are personalized workouts with individual progression.

Kettlebell group training is a high-intensity, ballistic workout guaranteed to make get your heart rate up and muscles moving. These are challenging full body workouts designed to push you toward your fitness goals. Each class starts with a warm-up and short lesson and quickly ramps up into a fast paced training session that is designed to work your entire body and leave you feeling great. What is the best part? Your amongst friends, motivating and challenging each other with every rep!


  • Individualized Progressions
  • Teamwork
  • Fast Results
  • Fun


***Group Training Classes Start Wedne***

May 27, 2015 at 6am

Redlands Jiu Jitsu

310 Alabama Street, Suite J/K


Monday / Wednesday / Friday

One Week Free Trial

$55/month for Non-RJJR Members

$45/month for RJJR Members

All equipment is supplied.

Greater Health

Discover how kettlebells can help develop your strength, cardiovascular endurance and power. Learn and work towards mastering training techniques at every class while receiving instruction from a StrongFirst (SFG) certified instructor.