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Training in the Ludos Vos Kettlebell program and following the personalized Ludos Vos meal plan has transformed my body. It is a total body work-out that has defined nearly all of my muscles.
Tim is dedicated and knowledgeable and ensures that proper techniques and progressions are taken to safeguard students from injury or strains. The training is always changing to keep things interesting.
I highly recommend Ludos Vos.

Jocelynn S.

Student Since 2014

Tim is spot on with his coaching and always seeking to better his students. I enjoy working with him.


Tim’s careful instruction and attention to form has made his workouts which combine kettlebells, plyometrics and tabattas a challenging way to get an hours worth of workout in around 20 minutes. His easy going attitude in coaching is comforting when you are trying to make your muscles as uncomfortable as possible. I always wind up sore the next day, but a little more ready to keep up with my running and rock climbing goals.

Ashley J.